Bodgers Mate

Music & Musicians

Denis Humphreys; Fiddle, Mandolin, Cittern, Harmonica, Vocals & Caller, Denis as been a professional musician for twenty years, plays anything put in front of him and is surely on of the best callers in the uk. and a great vocalist.

Glenn Brown; Acoustic and electric guitars and part time drums, Glenn started his musical career as a drummer but changed to guitar later and as gained a reputation as a very versatile folk ,jazz and rock player. founder member of Bodgers Mate with Denis Humphreys.

Alan Hankinson: Bass and vocals; Alan as been a pro since leaving school spending many years as a session musician backing many famous American soul & motown  artists, a virtuoso bassist.

Drummers: We use several drummer who are all high class session musicians that when not found on the road with Bodgers Mate are touring with name acts or working in west end shows etc.

They are; Bobby Wyre, , Lee Hankinson, Nick Bott, all great players ....John Gilbert 1943 2009

Specialist Musicians we can add if requested.

Hugh Barwell; Accordion specialising in French & Scottish.

Martin Cummins; Assorted bagpipes, concertina, lute (early music specialist)

John Horrocks; Trombone. for the more jazzy gigs but plays all styles.

Paul Bingham: Keyboards of every kind; Cocktail jazz to jigs & reels.

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