Dear Glenn & Dennis


Eleanor & Simon’s Wedding Sunday 6th May 2007


We came back from honeymoon last week and at last have the chance to put ‘pen to paper’ and wax lyrical about the absolutely wonderful time you gave us on our wedding day Sunday 6th May.


Not having met you or heard your music prior to the wedding I could say that I was a little nervous that everything would be alright, but I wasn’t at all because I’d had such glowing reports from your other admirers who have posted testimonials on your website and boy were they right!


When I walked into the ceremony with my Dad & heard your ‘bride’ music, I was so overjoyed, that I felt like dancing down the aisle to my beloved the music was so happy, celebratory and appropriate, just beautiful.  I wish I could remember what it was and have a recording of the music you played and envy the guests who heard your full repertoire whilst waiting for my arrival.  Obviously this was the most important occasion of my life and your music set the atmosphere perfectly, the memory of which will remain with both of us for ever.


And now we get to the fun bit – our ceilidh party in the evening.  Dennis when you first introduced the band and you all gave us a taste of what was to come with your ‘strumming & drumming’ I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get going.   From that moment on you gave us the best party ever, we couldn’t have wished for anything more.  You had every one up on the floor, taking part and enjoying themselves which is exactly the result we wanted.  All of our guests have commented on how much fun they had and how brilliant you guys were.  You are true professionals, extremely talented & versatile musicians and wonderful entertainers who hosted the whole evening for us without us having to worry about a thing, even thanking the staff at Weston Park and the brilliant photographers – Creative Divas who quite rightly you mention on your home page.


We look forward to coming to your gigs when we can in the future and will recommend you to our wedding venue Weston Park and anyone else we come across seeking recommendations for a band such as yourselves.


All there is left to say is …. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.


Eleanor & Simon Robbins


P.S. Hope you enjoyed it too!!